Entries are closed

Sorry, but entries are closed now. If you have already entered, please be sure to pay, the instructions are below.


Student entry fee: $50

Non-student entry fee: $100

T-shirt : $25


Once you have entered online, send in your payment via one of the below forms. Be sure to include your team name so we can match up your entry to your money!

Please note that there will be no refunds in case of event cancellation or otherwise.

  • Direct Credit: Use internet banking to transfer money to:
    03 0830 0507839 00
    Include your team name in the reference field.
  • Cash: Pay in cash at a club meeting.
  • Cheque: Write a cheque to "TWALK", and post it to:
    Attn: TWALK,
    Canterbury University Tramping Club,
    C/- UCSA,
    P.O. Box 31-311,
    Christchurch, New Zealand